White SEO Black SEO

When I was very small (Kid) my mom used to tell me stories of fairies, mermaids, angels, gods and monsters, etc. basically in every story there was a Hero and a Villain. In this case White hat SEO is Hero and Black hat is Villain it means White hat techniques are very useful and they can improve website’s search engine ranking. White represents the good way to do it here whereas Black represents darkness i mean Black hat SEO techniques are bad and have negative impact on website’s search engine ranking.

White hat SEO and Black hat SEO

I would like to compare these two with black and white money because Black money is income that is illegally obtained and White money is legally obtained. Similarly White hat SEO follows legal path or say Search Engine’s guidelines and Black hat SEO techniques break the Rules of Search Engine.

1. White hat SEO

White hat SEO techniques follow all instructions and guidelines given by the search engines. It is used when you want to make long investment on your website or say you don’t want to fool people with fake contents.
This technique is right and brings you customers who will visit to your website may be again in future.

Techniques involved :

Quality content : Quality content is most important because unique and relevant content always gets higher ranking in Search Engine Result Page.Link building : Link building is crucial but do not build links from un-trusted Sources because bad links may down your ranking.Suitable keywords : Using proper keyword that describes your content.Promoting content at right place : Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Google+, pinterest, etc are some good content sharing sites.

2. Black Hat SEO
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In this the techniques do not follow any rule of Search Engine. They are practiced to fool search engines and may affect your website’s Search Engine Ranking. It is possible that your website will get disappear or banned after some time when you will be caught cheating and ignoring the guidelines of search engines.

Techniques involved –Fake keywords and keyword stuffing : Using Fake keywords to fool the readers and Search Engines.Keyword stuffing means flooding the page with long list of Keyword unnecessarily without any need.Fake meta descriptions : Fake meta description for the sake of Clicks.Invisible content : Sometimes we see a page without any text in it and lots of ads, they are basically black hat SEO strategies.Link spamming or comment spamming.

The difference between :

White hat SEO and Black hat SEO

( Comparison Chart )

White hat SEO

Also known as Ethical SEO.

Techniques include :

Quality contentLink BuildingUsing suitable keywordsSharing content at right place, etc.

Techniques involved in White hat SEO follow Search Engine rules.

White hat SEO increases Search Engine Ranking of a website.

Black hat SEO

Also known as unethical SEO.

Techniques include :

Invisible contentLink and Comment spammingFake meta descriptionsKeyword stuffing, etc.

Techniques involved in Black hat SEO do not follow i.e. break Search Engine rules.

Black hat SEO should not be practiced, A site making use of this technique can be banned if caught  Source